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At BikesOrBicycles we started off as a small bespoke bike refurbishment shop and we haven’t let go of our tiny beginnings! We pride ourselves on giving life to old bikes and so we are always looking for new bikes to either save and resell or salvage for parts!

With that in mind we are always interested in buying bikes from the public. We offer a fair price and an even higher trade-in price (should you want to upgrade!). Please check our form below and fill in as much details as possible and we will endeavour to respond within 48 hours with an estimated buy and trade price.

Please note that government ID (passport/drivers license) and proof of address is required when selling us a bike.


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Year (Enter year of manufacturing, if you know it)

Condition (Brand New, Used But Perfect Condition, In Need of Minor Repair, Major Repairs Needed)

How Many Gears? (number of sprockets on back wheel)

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