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Delighted with my Martello Sutton

Bought my black Martello Sutton almost a year ago and it´s justwhat I expected from from it. Beautiful bicycle that rides great. Very comfortable even though it feels a bit heavy sometimes, but just as I knew it would be. Very well made and no problems at all. My husband just purchased a Martello Brooklyn a couple of months ago seeing the great quality of my Martello, and he loves it! Great value, much better than other bikes that are a lot more expensive. Delighted with my purchase.

Wouter Asselman - Review

I love this bike, there's really not a lot more to say, it's simply amazing!

LED Frog Lights

Great bike

Great for commuting to work love this bike good and sturdy

Martello Avenue 2 (both lady's and gent's)

We bought two Martello bicycles a few month ago and are happy with them so far. Quite solid without any issues or annoying squeaks.

Martello Compass 1 - Sports Hybrid Bike

maxi micro

Great customer service, product delivered efficiently. Would recommend

Martello Brooklyn Retro - Forest Green Fixie

Hi there. Thanks a million for your kind review. It's much appreciated! Rory

Martello Brooklyn - Black Fixie

Thanks very much for you review! Rory

Bought this bike a year ago, the brakes started squeaking after a few months, the paint is chipping and it is has started to rust.
At the beginning the gears would not change properly either, but this was serviced for free.
When the bike is folded up it is very awkward to carry and it does not stand on its own. This makes it a bit difficult to take on to busses or trains.

Hi there. Very sorry to hear you are not completely satisfied with your bike. We will take the criticisms onboard! Thanks, Rory
Good option for travelling to work

Very good for my need of travelling to work everyday

Thank you very much for the review! Much appreciated. Rory

Hey guys. After almost a year, my bike is doing great actually. I cycle every day and it's still in mint condition, everything works great, loving it. Thanks for supplying Dublin with Brooklyns 🙂

Hi Alex. Thanks a million for reviewing your fixie with us. Delighted to hear you are still happy! Thanks, Rory
Good bike.

It's a handsome bike and it goes. I've cycled it all over the place. Can't fault it.

Thanks a million for your kind review, it's much appreciated! Rory

Still having problems with gear changes.

Thanks very much for your review. If you can drop the bike in and we'll have a look at the gear issue. Thanks, Rory

It was relatively inexpensive and works well for my commute to college. Thank you!

Thanks a million for your kind review, much appreciated! Rory
decent bike for its price

This bike is fix, so obviously you will struggle uphill. But it has no difficulty traveling around dublin. and this bike is well designed, Nice bike for Me And No Huge Flaws Being Seen Until Now.

Hi there. Thanks a million for the kind review. Those uphill struggles are good for the calves! Thanks, Rory
A lot of bang for your buck

I loved the Martello clip fold up bicycle, I found it a very solid piece of kit, well built, sturdy and easy to use/ride. Downside is that it is big and quite heavy, didnt fit well into back of a Ford Fiesta and folds up a bit fiddly and awkwardly which kind of defeats the purpose of a fold up bike, but I think the ones that are like that are multiples of the price of the incredibly inexpensive clip.

Thanks very much for reviewing your folding bike with us. We really appreciate you taking the time and the constructive feedback. Any problems feel free to drop it in and we'll take a look. Thanks, Rory
My daughter loves it!

She loves it, so comfortavle and basket is super, she says there could be a few more gears and the chain guard often hits against the hub/bike

Hi there. Delighted to hear she loves the bike! Thanks for taking the time to leave us a review. Rory

Hi Rory,
Lovely to hear from you.

I was fond of Martello while I had her and recognise that I bought her without prior planning on a complete whim, though I recognised fairly quickly that she was a bike completely ill-suited to my needs. My 8km daily commute to work quickly involved tube and tyre replacements, along with significant maintenance.
The nuts, especially on the handlebars, came loose quite quickly (even though the threads weren't worn), something which, asides from the inconvenience, was actually quite dangerous. As the chain was prone to falling off - despite being oiled - I removed the chainguard as it was so difficult to get the chain on once it off. This bike is not definitely not designed for uphill cycles - it's very heavy and the peddles are particularly slippy in the rain.

I would describe the Martello as a bike designed for 5-10 minute cycles, ideal, as she is quite solid, for carrying some grocery shopping.
She is a pretty bike, and indeed got a lot of attention on this basis.

In retrospect, I would much rather have spent more money on a lighter, older Dutch-style bike with more endurance. I definitely wouldn't buy a steel bike again.
Being interested in sustainability etc, I regret the fact that she is not easily repairable and will probably be unusable within some time. I have subsequently been given a new bike and have yet to find a new owner for Martello.

Well done on creating your own branded bike - no easy feat, I'm sure! The design, aesthetically is really good, however I would encourage you to consider designing more sustainable bikes, which you could sell at a higher price - I believe the Bike to Work scheme would play in your favour here. Also, there are far better quality second hand bikes available cheaper or at a similiar price to Martello, and I think be

more and more people are interested in reusing, upcycling etc.
All the best in the future.

Hi there. Thanks very much for your detailed review. We do aim to make the bikes as sustainable as possible for the price point offered. We appreciate the feedback and are always expanding our Martello range, so will be sure to look into other options for customers! Rory
Martello Brooklyn - Black Fixie

Very durable bike, solid for the commute, light for a steel bike, would definitely recommend.

Thanks a million for your kind review and recommendation! Rory
4 Stars

It's great for going short distances around the city. But the tyres are very weak and I've had to get punctures repaired almost monthly

Hi Kevin. Thanks very much for your review, we really appreciate it. Rory
Excellent Bike

I rode my bike every day for three months and it never failed me!
I liked it so much that I decided to take it back to Germany with me instead of selling it in Dublin.
It now "lives" happily ever after in Berlin.

Hi there. Thanks a million for your kind review, it's much appreciated!
Matello Brooklyn Fixie Review

Great bike, is still good as new 6 months later. First time I've had a fixie and I don't miss having gears as I'm only ever cycling around Dublin. It's pretty light and plenty fast. If it ever gets stolen I'll be buying the same bike again - 5 stars

Hi Sunil. Thanks very much for your review. Delighted to hear you are so happy. Let's hope it doesn't get robbed anyway! Rory
Brilliant except..

Completely unaware if it’s my fault or not but there are two tiny flaws I’ve noticed
1. The brakes seem to loosen over time
2. After a while it makes a noise as you pedal but I’m pretty sure the chain just needs to be oiled up
Otherwise it’s an excellent bike and whenever I’m in the shop that lads are always really helpful.. sound men!

Hi there. Thanks very much for you review, it's really appreciated. Brakes will generally loosen up, but bring it in and we'll have a look at this as well as the pedal issue. Thanks, Rory
Martello bike review

Love the bike. So easy to fold and reassemble. Would highly recommend.

Thanks a million for your kind review, it's much appreciated! Rory