Fuji SL 2.3 Disc

///Fuji SL 2.3 Disc

Fuji SL 2.3 Disc



“Brevet 2.3 Disc Womens

Even the roughest road will feel like freshly paved asphalt on the new Brevet. VRTech (Vibration Reduction Technology) reduces road vibration and allows women riders to ride longer and feel less fatigue. Women’s specific endurance geometry and touch points produces a sleek, lightweight and fast machine that will make you want to go those extra miles.

Fuji models with endurance geometry feature a taller headtube and longer chainstays that put the rider in a more upright riding position and increases bicycle stability. Models with endurance geometry still provide a fast and spirited ride but without the discomfort of an aggressive race posture.”

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C5 carbon frame with VRTech (Vibration Reduction Technology) reduces road vibration by 24.6% compared to a frame without VRTech

FC-440 full carbon fork with VRTech and 100x12mm thru-axle

Hidden fender eyelets on fork

142x12mm convertible rear thru-axle

Wave seatstays disrupt and diffuse road vibration

Endurance geometry with a taller headtube and longer chainstays

Integrated chainstay protector

Flat mount disc brakes

Unique tube diameters and carbon layups for each size frame produces a consistent ride quality across the full size range”

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44cm, 47cm, 50cm, 53cm