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It's blue

Great value smooth bike

Beautiful bike.. love the high handlebars.. it’s so good to be able to sit straight and not crouched down.. saddle is amazingly comfortable.. love my bike

Everything what you ask for when buying a bike

Great bike, can’t fault it! Great quality


It's a great bike can't believe it's an Irish brand !! It served me well and was very sturdy on the road ! Unfortunately it was stolen, but If I when I buy another bike I will 100% be buying a Martello Sutton again !

Martello Sutton - Apple Green

Needs to constantly be fixed

I have to keep bringing it to bike repair shop because the gears click and make it difficult to cycle. I’ve also had to get a new tube put in. I only have it a year.

Martello Sutton - Apple Green

Lovely bike

Really enjoying my Sutton. Perfect for city biking especially if you like the Dutch style of bike. Stylish and great value for money!


It is really good, easy to ride and comfortable, beautiful design. my only problem is the noise it makes when cycling. Everything looks perfect looking at the bike, but when cycling the noise is there.

It is a nice bike, comfortable and handy. The principal problem that you can have with it, is that the chain is really sensitive and many times make weird sounds and have to fix it every time.